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We only had a long weekend to do the city and so your tour really helped us get our bearings. There's just so much to see there! I know we only scraped the surface but it worked really well for us.
Tanya Ellison - (27/08/06)

This was a great tour that took you everywhere you needed to go. Particularly liked the walk through of the mosaic frescoes on the front of the Basilica. We had a great time in Venice, made all the more special by this evocative guide. Like the speaker's voice too - one of the best I've listened to.
Andrea How - (19/02/06)

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mp3cityguides city walking tours and guides are produced by a team of experienced writers and researchers led by an award winning travel writer. We are the fastest growing producers of downloadable city walking tours.

mp3cityguides is also the leading creator of handheld tourist information technology, now incorporating GPS and Augmented Reality systems.

We produce guided tours and podcasts for museums and other attractions as well as 'white label' tours of cities and other places which can be branded by hotel chains, airlines, shops, cruise lines and anyone else associated with the tourism, travel or hospitality industry.

We also provide content for city guide and hotel and apartment booking sites with our thoroughly researched, expertly written information about the main attractions, the most beautiful palaces and churches and the history of nearly 20 cities.

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